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With the development of Covid-19, many events are cancelled to avoid transmission of SARS-Cov2. On the other side, a total ban of people meeting would be a kill for businesses. Many companies and organization have to make a decision, whether to stop office operation and work from home, or to what extent an operation can be carried on. An empirical assessment the risk of exposure to SARS-Cov2 in a setting where many people meet in a venue is needed but not available up to now. This formula aims to help people to qualify the risk of catching Covid-19, by being in a venue where people meet. It can also help companies to qualify the risk of their events, so to decide whether to continue or cancel the events. It can help also someone to qualify the risk of being somewhere, for example how high is the risk in a particular airport, or a particular party, or a particular company event, the risk for school or university, or the risk of visiting a hospital. Combined with the clinical symptoms, this formula helps to prioritize which patients should take screening blood test.

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